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Italian Pack OCEANIA MINI, our highly compact, versatile, user-friendly tabletop machine features the same cutting-edge technology as our larger thermosealing lines.

Our semi-automated Oceania Mini has been designed to satisfy even the most innovative requirements of the packaging industry: skin, gas flush and modified atmosphere packaging.

The special film waste rewinder, the vacuum chamber extraction and change system are exclusive.

The high-quality materials and the attention to detail make for a highly reliable machine for maximum packaging accuracy.

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1 tool - 5 Technologies

The new technological development allows, using a single
mould, packaging in 5 technologies:

PLC Touch Screen

OMRON 7” colour TOUCH SCREEN, to view and control the programs easily and display and store the machine alarm log. Alarm display and built-in diagnostic program.

Busch Pump

Integrated Busch vacuum pump system 21 m³/h
Optional: pumps suitable for high-oxygen packaging atmospheres (>21% Oxygen).

Removable Bottom Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum chamber removal ensures high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Easy Mould-Change

Tool-less mould changing

Automatic Film Rewinder

Automatic film rewinder with programmable film advance for significant film waste reduction. Optional: Printed film centering device also available.

Electric box and Touch screen

Numbered electrical panel to facilitate remote contact with the support service.
OMRON CP1LEM PLC, USB port, 99 programs for fast control of the various cycles: sealing only, partial vacuum, vacuum degrees, vacuum and gas and skin. It is also designed to control all the optional features and accessories that can be combined with the machine.
OMRON 7” colour TOUCH SCREEN, to view and control the programs easily and display and store the machine alarm log.
Alarm display and built-in diagnostic program.
Thermoregulator with PID control system adjusted from the touch screen, PT100 probe to ensure continuous temperature control and display of set temperatures.
Control of vacuum-gas values
(MAP) with digital vacuum switch integrated in the PLC.

Machine Trolley

Optional: trolley in AISI 304 stainless steel with air compressor, wheels and remotable pump 40 m3/h.

Oceania Mini Tramezzini

Our OCEANIA machine is available in the gas flush version even in the MINI model: the “gas flush” packaging technique in a protective atmosphere involves a special gas mixture being injected directly into the tray, ensuring that the atmospheric air present in it is “pushed/flushed out”; after being flushed out of the die, it is replaced by the injected mixture and the pack is sealed.
This all takes place without using the vacuum pump.

The advantage of this gas flushing technique is the speed with which a packaging cycle takes place, ensuring a higher production rate than the standard vacuum and gas version, guaranteeing, in any case, a low percentage of oxygen residue, while preserving and maintaining the initial state of freshness of the product, with a long lasting shelf-life comparable to that achieved with systems that work with vacuum and equivalent gases available on the market.

The purpose of the packaging process in a protective atmosphere is generally (except in the case of red meat packaging) to reduce the amount of residual oxygen inside the pack (it is the main cause of oxidation) and to replace it with gases such as nitrogen (inert) and carbon dioxide or other more complex mixtures suitable for the food to be packaged.

The machine in the gas-flushing version is not equipped with a vacuum pump and in addition to featuring reduced energy consumption compared to the standard version, reduced maintenance costs and greater system safety, it certainly has an advantage when used in food industries and markets involving packaging in an aseptic or controlled environment, often required by the regulations, and where a vacuum pump could over time “release” air containing impure particles and contaminants.

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