LID30 Automatic lid applier

Italianpack, a leading company in the production of traysealing machines, is pleased to present its new AUTOMATIC LID30 LID APPLIER.

The growing demand for complete lines, previous experiences in the design of automatic lid appliers in the dairy sector and the propensity for innovation have led us to design a series of innovative products to support our current catalogue or to be combined with existing systems.

What are the advantages of the product and the plus compared to other products of the competition or other products of our range:
Our LID30 is a new line completion element which is added to those already present in our range such as denester, dosers, printers and many others.

Assign the realization of your line to a single manufacturer / integrator will allow you to have certainties on the final quality of the whole system with undoubted advantages on costs, installation, reliability and maintenance.

The strengths of the LID30 are:
Simplify the application of very precise lids, sometimes slightly smaller than the tray and difficult to apply. The LID30 special slide system is particularly effective in this situation.

Possibility to apply lids on trays not closed with sealing film. The so-called ‘snap on system’ closes the trays avoiding the balloning phenomenon, that is the resistance that opposes the internal air of the tray to the closing and application of the lid.

Quick cahange format system, which we are already using successfully in our denesters allows you to change the size of the lids in a few seconds and without the aid of any tools using a bayonet system that is easy and immediate to use.

Work cycles: 25 constant cycles per minute ensure a performance that can be associated with a medium-sized automatic line and packaging continuity suitable for a large number of various productions.

Stand Alone and Compatibility with existing lines: the extreme ease of use and installation allow the LID30 to be integrated with existing lines from any manufacturer or even be used as a stand alone solution in non-automated production.

Our sales department is ready to listen and collect your needs and our technical department is ready to study and provide you with the best reliable and safe solution for the wrapping and packaging of your products in the shortest possible time.

LID30Technical description:

+ Machine made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

+ OMRON PLC, USB port, 99 programs to quickly adjust the lid destacking system parameters. It is also designed to control all the optional features and accessories that can be combined with the machine.

+ Possible interface with machines upstream/downstream

+ Possibility of ADSL connection via integrated Ethernet port for remote assistance service, to monitor the status of the machine in real time from anywhere, allowing for timely interventions and clearer communication, resulting in cost savings due to transfers and machine downtime.
Optional feature: possibility to connect modem with sim card.

+ OMRON 7” colour TOUCH SCREEN, to view and control the programs easily and display and store the machine alarm log.

+ Control panel fitted on a stainless steel adjustable pulpit

+ Numbered electrical panel to facilitate telephone assistance.

+ Alarm display and built-in diagnostic program.

+ Inverter-operated speed control of the belt motors with the possibility of adjusting accelerations, decelerations and speeds from 0 to 100 from the touch screen. This ensures greater accuracy, performance, reliability and time optimisation.

+ Conveyor belts with central guide for maintaining the correct alignment.

+ Lid deposit height adjustment system by means of a manual handwheel.

+ SMC pneumatic lid pick-up system with rotary cylinder.

+ Fast and simple adjustment of the tray height by means of a manual handwheel with position indicator.

+ Photocell for detecting the minimum amount of lids in the specific loader.

+ Possibility of quick format change-over

+ Facilitated sanitising and cleaning operations thanks to the opening guards that give direct access to the internal areas of the machine while ensuring safety due to the presence of microswitches that read the opening movement.

+ Moving guards equipped with safety microswitches that stop machine operation and do not allow it to restart until the emergency devices have been restored.

+ Raised guides with respect to the conveyor surface to avoid product residues.

+ Fixed stainless steel guards.

+ Use of safety components of proven reliability and CE-marked.

+ CE conformity marking (machine compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EC).

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