DT 1000

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For use with heat shrinking vacuum bags, Atlantis 1000-1350 is fitted with a DT1000 automated shrink tunnel combination unit with electronically heated resistors.

Film shrinking is achieved by immersing the product in a hot water shrink tank.

The DT 1000 shrink tank is made in stainless steel. Products are loaded/unloaded via a motorized belt with adjustable speed. A set of rubber curtains and a 0.25kw7H fan with a 100mm diameter suction tube minimize heat/water vapour loss. The DT 1000 shrink tank is controlled via a 7’’ Omron touch-screen control panel.

A front door with upward opening allows for easy access to the internal parts of the DT 1000 tank for safe and quick cleaning and maintenance. For use with products that do not need heat shrinking, the tank can be used as a belt.

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Easy cleaning

Motorized loading conveyor with adjustable speed

PLC Touch Screen Control Panel

7.2” PLC Touch screen, 65,000 display colors, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, skin tray and gradual vacuum.

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