DEN 35 Denester

Italianpack, with its long-standing experience gained in 30 years
of business, has focused on the development of an AUTOMATIC DENESTER. The main purpose of this solution is to support the trends of the sector in which it operates, aiming at increasingly complete automation of the packaging lines.

This product was developed to replace the operator to handle trays and containers of the most diverse shapes and materials, in order to take them individually from a stack and place them automatically on a conveyor belt.

The automatic denester automates the handling of empty trays for all the in-line heat sealers and, as a result, all those devices that can complete them such as: automatic dosers of liquid or solid products, weighing or labelling machines, which make up the high production lines, ensuring the required performance standards.

The automatic Denester fitted on our machines constantly deposits 1,2,3,4 Containers/Trays of any shape and material. Depending on the characteristics of the containers to be processed, our technical department can count on various technical solutions in order to adopt the most appropriate one, as required.

The design of the device was aimed at a practical and effective possibility of placing it in the most diverse industrial packaging lines, as well as the maximum reduction of its dimensions and the low need for maintenance. Other non-secondary aspects are the facilitated loading of the containers to be destacked and the special solutions adopted, making the device easy to clean or sanitise

The format change procedure has been designed to be easy and fast. By replacing the “container magazine”, the device gives the line with which it is associated maximum flexibility in switching from one type of production to another. The format change magazine is designed to vary according to the type and number of containers to be destacked at each cycle. In fact, it can be single, double, triple, etc. cavity.

The stainless steel electrical control panel is managed by a PLC and a
7- inch touch screen control panel, both made by Omron in line with the highest standards on the market and with the CE regulations in force.

During the Warranty period Italianpack provides a free remote assistance service and on request the machine can be equipped with step or continuous conveyor belts, designed according to the most diverse customer n

DEN 35 Technical description:

+ Denester, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and anodised aluminium

+ Complete with loading magazine with increased capacity for 1,2,3,4 rows

+Single cylinder bore 25 with suction cup holder, product pick-up with suction cups by means of vacuum generated by PIAB venturi

+1 position sensor on suction cup movement cylinder

+ SMC pneumatic and electromechanical operation

+ Destacking speed of about 35 pieces per minute to arrange the trays on the customer’s pre-existing chain or flight conveyor

+ The denester is able to destack the trays required separately with the same tray holder magazine.

+ Optional feature, a toroidal belt conveyor to transfer the trays from our denester to the customer’s flight conveyor

+ A fixed Lexan guard to be connected to the existing guard
(which will have to be modified on site)

+ A stainless steel electrical control panel with Omron PLC and 7-inch Omron touch screen

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