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ATLANTIS 1000-1350mm chamber vacuum sealers with automated belt are ideal for the industrial bag packing of perishable foodstuffs.

Vacuum packaging technologies ensure the proper shelf-life of food such as meat, processed meat, cold cuts, fish, cheese, deli products and many other food items.

Atlantis 1000-1350mm machines are suitable for use with all types of more or less rigid/flexible bags and pouches of different shapes (also side gusset bags) and different plastic materials (also alluminium), single or multi-layer, heat-shrinkable and not.

Italian Pack ATLANTIS chamber vacuum sealer with automated belt is available in two models: with 1000mm long sealing bars and a larger one configured with 1350mm long sealing bars.

Made in stainless steel, both machines feature a belt unlocking system that makes them easy to operate, clean and service. This allows for maximum output and outstanding pack quality over the entire machine life.

ATLANTIS is a user-friendly machine with a 7’’ touch-screen control panel featuring 65,000 colors mounted on a rotating swiveling arm. A pneumatic piston allows for the movement of the vacuum chamber and a digital sealing times control system guarantees safe, long-lasting sealing results, even under continuous and prolonged use.

With Atlantis 1000-1350mm the product is positioned on the belt with the edge to be SEALED placed on teflon bag-holding guiding bars. The belt automatically carries the product into the chamber where the vacuum cycle starts and the sealing bars seal the bag. The cycle ends with the packed products being discharged in a stocking station or in a heat sealing tunnel.

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  • Machine with full stainless steel conception.
  • Control Panel on telescoping arm.
  • Stainless steel chamber HEAVY-DUTY with automatic transport belt.
  • Double aspiration pipe.
  • Every sealing bar of 1000mm is double with independent sealing
  • Stainless steel lid.
  • Suitable for a large range of product and dimensions.
  • Lubricated high vacuum pump Busch: 300 m3/h (standard configuration), 600 m3/h ROOTS pump (optional configuration).
  • Large touchsreen, intuitive graphical interface.
  • 99 programs adjustable in % and mbar /hPa.
  • Access security program.
  • Digital control of the times of vacuum and sealing.
  • Stop button to partial / full cycle interruption.
  • Automatic notification to restore oil.
  • Voltages available to countries outside the EEC.
  • Cut-off seal (optional).
  • Scraps aspirator (bin + accessories) (optional) Busch model PHENIX SR 0400 C.
  • Conveyor quick releasing system (optional).
  • Product holding system (optional).
  • Transverse slat conveyor (optional).
  • CE marking (machine conformed to Machines Directive 2006/42/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC)
  • 7.2” PLC Touch screen, 65,000 display colors
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Scraps collettor

PLC Touch Screen Control Panel

7.2” PLC Touch screen, 65,000 display colors, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven vacuum parameters.


Stainless steel chamber with round shape for easy cleaning

Vacuum circuit


Automatic infeed conveyor

Unblock convyeor

Unblock convyeor system for easy cleaning

Scraps aspirator

Transverse slat conveyor

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